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Types of Memory Foam Toppers

Types of Memory Foam Toppers

A mattress topper gives your bed the additional comfort. It also ensures the necessary hygiene and bed life. Memory foam toppers are meant for the softening and protection of the existing mattress. You can also use it as emollient layer for sofas and turn-down beds.

Thick memory foam mattress toppers are specially designed for those people who first of all give preference to full comfort. The thickness of such topper makes up approximately 4 inches and higher. Thick memory foam mattress topper is distinguished by a number of benefits. First of all this type of mattress topper is the perfect option for people with excess weight. Thus the mattress will ideally adapt to the body contour and will give ease. Second, you can use thick memory foam mattress instead of a mattress. Just put it on your bed.

The thickness of the medium memory foam mattress topper makes up approximately 3 inches. This type of mattress is a good option for side or back sleepers. You can lay this topper on your bed or mattress. Normal sized people can easily buy this type of mattress topper. In the issue you will have a good night rest. The medium mattress topper is perfect for newlyweds as its price is medium. In addition, you can purchase the queen sized mattress topper.

Thin memory foam mattress topper is good for stomach sleepers. The given topper ensures extraordinary comfort and good sleep. Of course it is not as sensitive as the toppers mentioned above; still the thin topper ensures the necessary comfort. Thin memory foam mattress topper is also good for persons who are looking for a good topper for sleeping.

Usually this type of toppers is chosen by bachelors due to its cheap price. Moreover, its thinness is very handy. It is good for people who often change their lodgings.

The Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses Purchasing

The material Memory Foam is a runaway success owing to its unique properties. It has found a ready market in more than 80 countries of the world. People who take care of their health purchase memory foam products in spite of it high price.

Each cell in the material memory foam represents an independent spring element. The material is self ventilating because the air circulates freely between billions of cells. The cover of memory foam is made of delicate, knitted fabrics.

The material memory foam takes the shape of a person’s body, giving it the feeling of weightlessness. The unique properties of the material guarantee the right anatomic position of the body.

The memory foam products grow soft under the body’s weight. They adjust to the contours of a person by relaxing and enveloping it. The material provides an orthopedic effect at those places where it is necessary.

Memory foam loosens the tissue squeezing. In the issue the material removes low-back pain, neck ache and pains in joints.

The mattress memory foam improves the sleep quality. The blood circulation is improved; consequently sleep cycles’ duration increases.

It is memory foam mattress and not you that adjusts to the body. The memory foam material can be at the same time either soft or firm, that is why it shapes the contours of your body.

The memory foam mattress is the ideal variant for a couple, because it adjusts to each person separately. If a person tosses and turns during sleep, the other one will not feel it. So there a sense is created as though you sleep on two different mattresses.

Memory foam material has 15 year guaranty. During this time it keeps its form. The material does not sag or deform.

Memory foam being manufactured according to technological innovations is an ecologically pure product. What is more it is not allergenic.

The material is approved by public health services in most European countries. It is widely used in medicine.

The unique structure of memory foam prevents the appearance and growth of bacteria and fungi.

Thanks to the patent technology Medicott, the mattress does not have any